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JV Boys #1 440001.000W40.01369244130394779
JV Girls #2 440001.000W40.0942074130396360
Varsity Boys #1 431000.750W31.015411539130396373
JV Boys #3 523000.400L22.5977720130396318
JV Boys #2 523000.400L22.55990-31130394793
John Paul II 110001.000W11.5411823130396374
St. Pius 110001.000W11.534232130400234
Cabrini 110001.000W11.534925130400237
St. Michael 110001.000W11.528919130396342
Cabrini 110001.000W11.5221012130395622
All Saints 110001.000W11.5221012130396343
St. Charles 110001.000W11.522202130400238
Our Lady of Victory 110001.000W11.520182130396308
St. Anatasia 110001.000W11.518513130394794
St. Pius 110001.000W11.518144130396344
Our Lady of Sorrows 110001.000W11.517116130396320
Our Lady of Victory 101000.000L12.53240-8130396388
St. Michael #1 (Non-League) 101000.000L12.53139-8130394780
Cabrini 101000.000L12.52941-12130394778
St. Kiernan 101000.000L12.52631-5130400197
Divine Dhild 101000.000L12.52433-9130400195
St. Pius 101000.000L12.51863-45130396387
Cabrini 2 101000.000L12.51428-14130394792
All Saints #2 101000.000L12.51011-1130396362
St. Pius #1 101000.000L12.5625-19130394781
St. Sebastian 101000.000L12.5638-32130400263
St. Pius #2 101000.000L12.546-2130394795
St. Pius 101000.000L12.5213-11130396363
St. Michael 101000.000L12.5224-22130396321
All Saints #2 101000.000L12.5232-30130396361
All Saints 101000.000L12.5233-31130396319
JV Girls #1 404000.000L44.04390-47130395623


GP: Games Played
W: Wins
L: Losses
T: Ties
PCT: Winning Percentage
STRK: Streak
GB: Games Behind
PF: Points For
PA: Points Against
PD: Points Difference